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Melon Seed Oil
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Melon Seed Oil

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Citrullus vulgaris
  • Full Description
Common name Melon seed oil, refined
Botanical name   Citrullus vulgaris
Description   Pale to golden yellow
Typical Fatty Acid Profile
Linoleic 55-65%
Oleic 13-25%
Palmitic 9-13%
Stearic 3-7%
Plant parts used Seeds
Extraction method    Cold pressing
Region of origin South Africa


Historians have traced the history of melon seed oil usage nearly 5000 years back to the ancient Egyptian civilization, and the origins of the watermelon itself to the Kalahari Desert region in Africa. Watermelons were widely depicted in hieroglyphic artwork found amongst the ruins of ancient Egypt, and it was used in the tombs of kings to provide them nourishment in the afterlife.

Melon seed oil is widely used in cosmetics and haircare products, to treat dry, oily, acne-prone skin. It is also a popular ingredient in baby formulas, creams, lotions, and soaps. Melon seed oil is known to be a light, non-greasy oil, which is easily absorbed into the skin, and does not block pores.

The oil possesses a mild, neutral odour, which makes it an extremely useful base oil for aromatherapy.

Melon seed oil is high in omega 6 and 9 essential fatty acids, as well as linoleic and oleic acids. These essential acids are vital in restoring natural elasticity to the skin.


This product is intended for external use only.


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    Customer Reviews

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