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Gevuina avellana (avellano)5-872
Gevuina (Chilean Hazelnut) Oil

Gevuina oil is in monounsaturated fatty acids including Oleic acid and Palmitoleic acid. It penetrates the skin easily and effectively leaving the skin feeling supple and refreshed. 
Cherry Kernel Oil
Cherry kernel oil is a stable, emollient oil, high in oleic acid, vitamin A and natural tocopherols. The properties of the oil is similar to sweet almond and peach kernel oils, and it is suitable for similar applications. 
Cranberry Seed Oil
Cranberry oil contains high levels of natural antioxidants, which aid in the absorption of essential fatty acids into the skin, as well as giving the skin effective moisturisation. Cranberry oil also offers protection against free radicals, a process which has been proven to lessen effects of the aging process. The oil penetrates the skin easily, yet is light and non-greasy.
Brazil Nut Oil
Brazil Nut Oil, Bertholletia excelsa, is a light yet highly nourishing oil rich in essential fatty acids. Its texture and low aroma gives it great versatility for use in a wide array of beauty and personal care products.  When used topically, Brazil Oil hydrates and softens the skin.

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