EcoSoya Q230

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The Q230 is designed for use in natural soy wax pillars, votives, tarts. Candles will unmold easily and have a beautiful semi-gloss finish.

The new EcoSoya Quantum soy waxes feature new technology that virtually eliminates frosting, allows for higher fragrance loads, higher pour temperatures and produces vivid colors.

The wax can even be used in containers when lower pour temperatures are used, however wet spots are likely to occur. Canldes made using tins or containers with a solid color is recommended if this is a concern for your candles.

Ideal fragrance loads vary from 6 - 18% depending on application.
Votives and pillars: 9% or less
Containers: 6-12%
Wax melts: up to 18%

Suggested replacement for PB Pillar Blend. 

Note: Wax is packaged in pastille form.

Candle Making Note: 
This wax has a stronger odor than other soy waxes.The odour more pronounced when melting large quantities. This is normal and will not affect the finished smell of your scented candle.

EcoSoya Q220 is significantly more prone to wet spots than the Q210. Preheating the jar is recommended to avoid this issue. 

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