Arlacel 1690

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INCI: Sorbitan isostearate (and) polyglyceryl-3 polyricinoleate

Arlacel™ 1690 is a nPEG-free dispersant emulsifier for water in oil emulsions. It can be used for both vegetable and polar oils and provides room temperature emulsification. Great for both skin/personal care as well as decorative cosmetics. It provides increased efficacy of water and oil soluble actives e.g. sun filters and also exhibits prolonged moisturisation for the skin. 

  • Easily emulsify a wider range of oils and actives
  • Allow cold processing
  • No need for co-emulsifiers
  • Low required usage
  • Provides emulsions with a glossy appearance
  • Can incorporate levels of ethanol of 10-15% for aftershave or cooling products, UV filters, vitamins, electrolytes etc
  • Based on natural raw materials
HLB: 3.5

3 -5% - can be used cold

Check out this fantastic instructional video for creating water in oil emulsions, courtesy of Belinda Carli - Director of the Institute of Personal Care Science