Cosmetic Brand Management Essentials - Belinda Carli

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Designed for those in marketing, concept and brand development, who are responsible for project managing, product development, launches and marketing of cosmetic brands. This essential guide includes practical information for those who set pricing for products and prepare marketing plans; and those required to help projects run on time and within budget during development, launch and beyond. If you are currently a Cosmetics Brand Manager or have ever wanted to have your own range of personal care or cosmetic products, this is the book for you. Providing a comprehensive approach to Cosmetic Brand Management, it will help enhance your promotions, profit margins and project management skills relevant to the personal care and cosmetics industry. It will also help you improve your product launches, enhance your theoretical development skills and ensure necessary compliance requirements are being met.

This guide covers the essentials of successful brand management, including detailed information on how to:

  • communicate effectively with cosmetic chemists and manufacturers throughout development
  • prepare promotional campaigns for products
  • ensure compliance with all marketing materials including labels
  • ensure projects run on time and within budget
  • set pricing on products

It includes a fool-proof price setting technique to help you maximise sales AND profits, while giving the confidence to prepare promotional campaigns that will effectively reach your target market and suit multi-country compliance requirements. It comes with worked examples to show how the learning is put into practice and provides a multitude of reference links to build your repertoire of brand management knowledge fast and effectively!