Grape Seed Oil, Cold Pressed - Organic

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Common name Grape seed oil, deodorised
Botanical name   Vitis vinifera
Description   Green to dark olive
Typical Fatty Acid Profil
Linoleic 65-70%
Oleic 12-15%
Palmitic 7%
Stearic 4%
Plant parts used Seed
Extraction method    Cold Pressed
Country of Origin Chile


Grapeseed oil has extensive use in the cosmetic, medicinal, and personal care product industries. An extremely useful ingredient in many different facial creams, serums and toners, grapeseed oil is a valuable treatment for damaged and stressed skin tissue. Because of these helpful skincare qualities, grapeseed oil is used in soaps, conditioners, and massage oils.

Grapeseed oil is renowned for its excellent moisturising qualities, and absorbs easily into the skin. Its skin-regenerative and restructuring qualities make it an extremely useful treatment for many skin conditions.

Grapeseed oil is extremely rich in the essential omega 6 fatty linoleic acid (67%), as well as oleic, stearic, and palmitic acids. It also contains vitamins E and F, proteins, and carbohydrates. Grapeseed has an extensive structure of vital minerals such as zinc, potassium, copper, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, and selenium.


Skin: moisturising, regenerative, restructuring

This product is intended for external use only