Lemon Seed Oil

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Common name Lemon seed oil
Botanical name   Citrus limon
Description   Clear, light yellow liquid
Typical Fatty Acid Profile
Linoleic 32-42%
Oleic 22-36%
Palmitic 16-26%
Alpha linoleic 3-9%
Stearic 2-5%
Plant parts used Seeds
Extraction method    Cold pressing
Origin Europe


Not to be confused with Lemon essential oil which is derived from the peel of the Lemon.

Lemon seed oil is pressed from the seeds of the Lemon, a by-product of the food industry.
It is naturally rich in Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated fatty acids which nourish and protect the skin and assist with barrier function.


Skin: Moisturising, rejuvenating, soothing
Hair: Moisturising

This product is intended for external use only