Olive Oil, BP

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Common name Olive oil
Botanical name   Olea europaea
Description   Clear to light yellow oil
Typical Fatty Acid Profile
Oleic 75%
Palmitic 11%
Linoleic 7%
Plant parts used Fruit
Extraction method    Solvent Extracted
Origin Spain


OIive Oil BP is solvent extracted and then refined as opposed to cold pressed, extra-virgin Olive Oil.  It is useful where a strong smell and colour is not required. It also conforms to the specifications of the British Pharmacopeia (BP) and can thus be termed pharmaceutical grade.
Olive oils are high in Oleic acid - in fact, the fatty acid is named after the olive, a  monounsaturated fatty acid. This makes it fantastic for moisturising and restoring the skin and hair but also means the oil is relatively stable.
Refined olive oils (Pomace, BP) are particularly useful in soapmaking.


Skin: Hydration
Hair: Detangler, damaged hair

This product is intended for external use only