Passionfruit Oil

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Common name Passionflower oil, refined
Botanical name   Passiflora edulis
Description   Clear to pale yellow oil
Typical Fatty Acid Profile
Linoleic 70-73%
Oleic 11-14%
Palmitic 3-5%
Stearic ±1%
Plant parts used Fruit and Seeds
Extraction method    Cold pressing
Region of origin South Africa


Rich in linoleic acid, passion fruit oil has regenerative properties and is thus well suited for use on stressed, irritated skin as well as in anti-ageing cosmetics. It also contains carotenoids and phenols which help to give the oil skin-protective, antioxidative properties
Passionfruit oil is suitable for use in sunscreen products, bath and massage oils, day moisturising creams, body lotions, skin balms and soaps


Skin: Emollient, dry and damaged skin

This product is intended for external use only