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Therapeutic Massage Blends and Concentrates

We offer these essential oil blends in two styles:

Therapeutic Massage Concentrates - These concentrates are the 100% pure essential oil blend. They are designed to be added to our pure vegetable oils or our other natural base products, such as Essential Base Cream or Lotion, Ultimate Base Cream, Amigel or Laponite Gel for use in massage treatments or simply as a topical application. For application to the skin, we generally recommend from a 2.5% to 10% concentration of the concentrate in a carrier base.For application to local, specific areas of the body, concentrations up to 50% can be beneficial for various complaints utilising our blends: Calmant, Muscle Relief and Energising.

Our Concentrates are also intended for use in therapeutic bath treatments. Mix from 10 to 30 drops of a chosen concentrate with our Essential Solubiliser for addition to a warm to hot bath.

On Aromatic Baths…   

Aromatic baths are a simple and effective method of addressing many common complaints, as seen in the long history of the traditional use of herbal baths in both Eastern and Western medicine.

A quote from The Practice of Aromatherapy by the French physician, Dr. Jean Valnet (CW Daniel, publisher): “Externally, they (essential oils) may be used pure or in the form of a soapy or aqueous emulsion, in an alcoholic solution, as a liniment, or indeed in overall or localised bathing… 

I undertook with my colleagues a series of wide ranging tests on various mixtures of whole natural aromatic essences in emulsion form for use in ordinary bathing and washing… 

The effects ?] tonic or calming, decongestive or balancing ?] were experienced after only a few baths or washes.  Knowledge of the constituents of these essences clarifies why cases of obesity, cellulitis, arthrosis, circulatory problems, muscular weakness, insomnia and nervousness (and more) benefit from aromatic baths taken as a form of general treatment.”

Therapeutic Massage Blends - Most commercially available Aromatherapy Blends will contain 2.5% and often less of essential oils. Our Therapeutic Massage Blends contain a full 5% concentration of our Massage Concentrates in our Massage Blend of pure vegetable oils. These blends are designed to be used for direct application to affected areas, with or without complementary massage treatment. These blends may also be diluted further with pure vegetable oils for full body massage treatments.To create a 2.5% blend, simply mix equal amounts of a chosen Massage Blend with a vegetable oil of choice.


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