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‘Extra Strength’ Herbal Infused Oils

Herbal infused oils are traditionally made by macerating herbs in vegetable oil for a period of time. The vegetable oil serves as a weak solvent that removes some of the beneficial compounds from the herb that are oil-soluble.

At Essential Therapeutics, we make our own infused oils, using our unique two-step extraction process that creates an ‘extra strength’ product. Our infused oils contain a higher concentration of active oil-soluble herbal compounds than those made by the traditional method.

Infused oils are traditionally used topically for a wide variety of common complaints. Each infused oil has its own specific benefits that are well known in both traditional and modern herbal medicine.

Our Infused Oils can be used:

At full strength – with or without the addition of suitable essential oils  *  Added to other vegetable oils at a 10% concentration or more or made into ointments  *  Added to base creams, gels, shampoos, conditioners and on.

All our Herbal Infused Oils are made with100% pure & natural dried herbs of the correct species, locally sourced wherever possible.


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