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Passionflower & Chamomile Cream Cleanser Recipe - PureNature NZ
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Passionflower & Chamomile Cream Cleanser Recipe - PureNature NZ

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A gentle creme cleanser rich in nourishing plant oils. Chamomile and Passionflower help to calm and soothe irritated skin, whilst Castor oil and Coconut oil effectively remove makeup and restore the skin's natural balance.  

Makes 300g

Difficulty Level: Medium



Phase A - Water Phase (75℃)

Distilled water 193.5g
Chamomile German Hydrosol - active 30g

Phase B - Slurry Phase

Vegetable Glycerin - humectant 9g
Sclerotium Gum - Stabiliser, thickener 1.5g

Phase C - Oil Phase (75℃)

Castor Oil - emollient, excellent natural cleanser 15g
Emulsifier E - emulsifier 12g
Jojoba Oil - emollient 9g
Stearic Acid 6g
Coconut Oil - emollient, natural cleanser 3g

Phase D - add below 40 degrees

Passionflower Extract - active 6g
Decyl Glucoside- surfactant 9g
Vitamin E - antioxidant  3g
Microcare DB - preservative 3g
Rose Geranium Essential Oil (optional) 2-3 drops





1. Sterilise the equipment and prepare each group of ingredients. 

2. Start with Phase B. Add the Carrageenan Gum and Glycerin to a beaker and dissolve by mixing well.

3. In a separate beaker, mix together the ingredients from Phase A. Using a double boiler, heat phase A to 75℃ while stirring gently.

4. Add the Phase B Carrageenan/Glycerin mixture to Phase A and stir well.

5. In the third beaker, mix together all the ingredients from Phase C.  Add the Phase C beaker to a double boiler and heat to 75℃.

6. Remove both beakers from the heat.

7. Pour Phase C into Phase A/B and mix until uniform.

8. Using a stick blender, blend mixture into a creamy texture. Keep the head of the blender deep in the formulation in order to avoid bringing too much air into the formulation.

9. Place the vessel into an ice bath and continue stirring slowly for a few minutes.

9. When cooled down to 40℃ , add ingredients from Phase D and stir again.

10. When cooled to below 30℃ add the fragrance (if any).

11. Check the pH - it should be around 5.5. If necessary, adjust with Lactic or Citric acid.

NOTE: The information given above is based on our research and is believed to be accurate. However, results are case-dependent and we do not take responsibility for finished products. 

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Customer Reviews

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