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Raw Chocolate Recipe - PureNature NZ
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Raw Chocolate Recipe - PureNature NZ

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Makes 500g of chocolate
Become a gourmet chocolatier in the comfort of your own home!
This wonderful artisan chocolate is raw, dairy-free, vegan and delicious beyond compare.  

125g Cacao Butter 25g Cacao Powder
150g Agave Syrup
50g-100g Raw Almonds (optional)

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1. Place 125g Cacao Butter in a steel mixing bowl. Melt the butter slowly using the double-boiler method. Stir gently to help the butter melt completely into a liquid. 

2. In a separate bowl, melt 200g Cacao Paste in a similar way as step 1. (This can be done at the same time while melting the cacao butter). The paste will be easier to melt if you cut or break it up into small chunks first. 

3. When the Cacao Butter is completely liquid, slowly pour in 150g of Agave syrup and stir until uniformly mixed.

4. Sift the 25g of Cacao Powder first (to avoid lumps), and then incorporate into the butter/syrup mix until it is evenly mixed and uniform. While working on your mix, it may be a good idea to keep the bowl sitting in a larger bowl of hot water to prevent the ingredients from solidifying too soon. 

5. Mix the melted Cacao Paste with the butter/syrup/powder mix and stir until uniform.

6. Add almonds if you wish. Keep the bowl submerged in hot water while stirring continuously - this will help incorporate the ingredients evenly.

7. Pour the mixture into moulds or a non-stick baking tray. Use flexible moulds as this will allow you to remove the chocolate easily once it is solid. You may also like to sprinkle almonds over the top. 

8. Place your chocolate in the freezer until completely solid (about 1-2 hours).

9. Once out of the freezer, remove chocolate from moulds. If using a baking tray, you may have to cut into the chocolate and break it up into rough chunks.

10. Store in the fridge or wrap in aluminium foil.

There are many variations to this recipe. You can experiment with different proportions until you get your own perfect chocolate. Cacao Butter will give a creamy texture while Cacao Paste will give it a rich bitter cacao flavour.  Agave Syrup will add the sweetness. Cacao powder will add chocolate flavour but also will help make the chocolate more firm. Be creative! .

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Customer Reviews

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