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Lye Calculator

How to use this Calculator :

1. Enter Recipe Name and Date
2. Select Lye Button NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide) or KOH (Potassium Hydroxide)
3. Enter Lye Discount/Superfat figure. 5% default
4. Select Weight units button
5. Enter Water as percentage of total oil weight 38% default
6. Enter weights for the oils included in your recipe, all using the same weight units i.e. all grams or all ounces
7. Click "Calculate Lye by Weight" Button
8. Recipe including percentages will be displayed in the Notes area at the bottom of the page.
    Enter any notes or explanations into the Notes box then copy and paste elsewhere or select text in Notes box and "Print, Selected"

Recipe Name     Date

Select Lye   NaOH
Lye Discount/Superfat %   (Default 5% Recommended 3-8%)
Select Units  grams
Water % of Oils Total Weight (Default 38% for beginners)
Oil Name Oil Weight Sap. No. (NaOH) Sap. No. (KOH) Discounted
Lye Weight



Lye Name     Total Oil Weight    
Lye Concentration     Total Lye Weight    
Water : Lye Ratio     Total Water Weight