Candle Equipment Set

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This candle making equipment set will help you create your own candles at home with ease.

The set includes a small pouring pitcher, thermometer, 10 x wooden wick holders, 100pc safety labels, 100pc wick stickers - purchasing this as a set saves you over $10.00!

A great way to get your candle making equipment in one go and save money at the same time.

  • Pouring Pitcher - Small - Our aluminum pouring pitcher holds just under 500g of wax making it perfect for small batches.
  • Glass Thermometer - A high-quality thermometer for detailed temperature measurement, red fill, measures -10 to 110c in 1-degree increments.
  • Wick Holders - Wooden - 10 holders essential for keeping wicks straight.
  • Candle Safety Labels - 100pc labels, are essential to provide important candle care and safety instructions.
  • Wick Stickers - Large - 100pc stickers that are a perfect way to secure your wicks.


Set contents

Pouring Pitcher - Small
Glass Thermometer
Wick Holder - Wooden
Candle Safety Label 100pc
Wick Stickers - Large 100pc