Lake, Red (Pink) 27

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Lakes are organic pigments made by absorbing a dye onto a substrate such as Alumina hydrate or Barium sulphate. They are dispersible (but not soluble) in both water and oil. Lakes will give a matte colour but are much more vibrant than oxides.

Lake definitions


The term D&C means that a lake is approved by the FDA for use in drugs and cosmetics. 


The number, e.g. Red #27, refers to which dye has been used to make the lake.


Lakes will have a mineral in their name, e.g. Barium, this is the substrate onto which the dye has been absorbed

Dye Percentage

Each substrate can absorb a varying amount of each dye. The dye percentage simply tells us how much pure colour is in the lak


INCI Name D&C #27 Red Al Lake
Substrate Aluminium Oxide
Dye Percentage 14.42%
Eyes No
Lips Yes
Face Yes
CP Soap stable Yes but will bleed
Bath bombs Yes
Palm free Yes
Vegan Yes
Tested on animals No
Contains GMO No
Country of origin China