Glycerol Monostearate - Self Emulsifying (SE)

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INCI: Glyceryl stearate

Glyceryl monostearate SE (GMS-SE) is is the monoester of glycerin and stearic acid and  is of vegetable orign. It is a ble to self emulsify as it contains a small amount 3-6% of potassium stearate.
As it has a relatively low a HLB value (5.8) it is useful for making water-in-oil emulsions. However, it can also be used as a co-emulsifier and thickener for oil- in-water formulations. 

Add to oil/emulsifier phase of formulas
Melt Temp:55°C 
Use level: 1-10%
HLB 5.8 

This product is intended for external use only.