Allie Aloe: The Coolest Herb in the Garden - Lynn Kirkland

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Allie is the one with the coolest touch, and if you plant aloe in your garden, it becomes your secret helper! Allie is incredibly versatile, and as he shares his wisdom through rhymes and raps, you can uncover the magic of using aloe in your daily adventures.

Within the pages of this lively, colorful, and educational book designed just for kids, you'll find practical tips on making the most of aloe, all while joining the beloved characters of Herb World on a delightful journey of discovery.

The Herb World books are brilliant for children of all ages. Lynn has creatively incorporated the knowledge of plants into fun and adventurous stories that use the plants healing properties as a sort of super power.

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Created by Lynn Kirkland from the desire to share the magic that nature has to offer with children and inspire the next generation to connect with nature. Herb World features herb characters in the beautiful setting of Herb World who share their knowledge through interactive and engaging stories.

Lynn’s passion for herbs started when she had her own family and now a new generation has come along. Lynn is the founder of The Herb Farm, a successful international business creating 100% natural skincare and healthcare products at its home in the Manawatu.

The idea of creating fun herb books that children would love came to her as a way of passing on her experiences using herbs straight from the garden.