Babassu Oil

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Common name Babassu oil
Botanical name   Orbignya oleifera
Description   Colourless/clear oil, solid at room temperature, with a soft nutty aroma, similar to coconut
Typical Fatty Acid Profile
Lauric 44-47%
Myristic 15-20%
Oleic 10-12%
Palmitic 6-9%
Stearic 3-5%
Linoleic 1-3%
Plant parts used Kernels
Extraction method    Cold pressing
Region of origin South America


Babassu oil is most commonly used in soapmaking, as well as the food and cleaning industries. Babassu fruit is used in various drugs, cosmetics, and beverages. With similar properties to coconut oil, Babassu is increasingly being used as a coconut oil replacement. Babassu oil is high in both lauric and myristic acids, and contains approximately 70% lipids.
Babassu is considered to be a superior emollient, beneficial for dry or oily complexions, gently moisturising the skin without leaving oily residue. Lauric and myristic acids both have melting points that are close to normal human bodily temperature, so Babassu oil melts on contact with the skin by drawing heat from the body itself.


Skin: Emollient

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