Bayberry Wax

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Technical Description

Common name Bayberry Wax
INCI Myrica Cerifera (Bayberry) Fruit Wax
Melting Point  40-55°C

Bayberry Wax is obtained from the bayberry shrub grown in Central and South America. It is hard, brittle and fatty to the touch. It functions as an emollient, thickener, film former, and viscosity modifier.

Bayberry Wax is compatible with all vegetable, animal and mineral waxes, fatty acids, glycerides, hydrocarbons and a large variety of natural and synthetic resins. It can be used in formulations for skincare, sun care, shampoos, conditioners, sprays, pumps, aerosols, pre-moistened towelettes and even candle wax. 

It has a lower peroxide value than butters and can reduce rancidity and increase the stability of the final product. As such, it can be used as a replacement for Shea and Cocoa Butter for more stable formulas. 

This product is intended for external use only