Mica - Bright Blue

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Mica is a group of naturally occurring mineral compounds used in cosmetics and personal care for their natural shimmering appearance. By coating the mica particles with other minerals and pigments in different ways, a vast array of colours and effects can be created.

Mica colours are popular for soap making, bath bombs, make-up and other decorative applications. However, not every colour may be suitable for every application. be sure to review the specifications of each product before purchasing.

This product is intended for external use only


INCI Name Mica, Titanium dioxide and Blue Ultramarine
Micron Size 10 - 100
Eyes Yes
Lips EU approved not FDA approved
Face Yes
CP Soap stable Yes
Bath bombs EU approved not FDA approved
Palm free Yes
Vegan Yes
Tested on animals No
Contains GMO No
Country of origin China