Daikon Radish Oil

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Daikon Radish Oil is a unique ingredient that offers a range of benefits due to its distinct chemistry. Unlike many other edible and cosmetic oils that are dominated by Oleic and Linoleic fatty acids, Daikon Radish Oil has a different fatty acid composition.

This oil is known for its delicate slip and good absorption, and provides a sensory experience that is similar to esters and silicone-based emollients. Recent studies have shown that Daikon Radish Oil can be just as effective, if not better, than silicones at strengthening hair, improving shine, and making it easier to comb.



Skin: Cell nourishment
Hair: Strengthens, improves shine, eases combing

This product is intended for external use only.


Common name Daikon Radish Oil
Botanical name   Raphanus sativus
Description   Clear, odourless oil
Typical Fatty Acid Profile
Oleic 21%
Linoleic 10%
Linolenic 11%
Eicosenoic 10%
Erucic 33%
Palmitic 5%
Stearic 2%
Plant parts used Seeds
Extraction method    Cold pressed
Origin USA
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