Daikon Radish Oil

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Common name Daikon Radish Oil
Botanical name   Raphanus sativus
Description   Clear, odourless oil
Main  GC components
Erucic 32%
Vaccenic 18%
Linoleic 13%
Alpha-linolenic 11%
Paullinic 10%
Plant parts used Seeds
Extraction method    Cold pressed
Certification Conventional
Region of origin USA


The value of Daikon Radish Oil lies in its novel chemistry. Its fatty acid composition differs greatly from the Oleic and Linoleic dominated fatty acid composition that typifies so many edible and cosmetic grade oils. The oil imparts a delicate slip with good absorption, and presents a sensory profile more closely associated with esters and silicone type emollients. In fact studies have shown that Daikon Radish Oil is comparable if not better than silicones for strengthening hair, improving shine and also easing combing.


Skin: Cell nourishment
Hair: Strengthens, improves shine, eases combing


This product is intended for external use only