Douglas Fir Hydrosol

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Hydrosols, also known as Hydrolats or Floral Waters, are normally produced during the distillation of essential oils. The plant matter is distilled with water and steam and the distillate is then simply separated into an oil fraction - the essential oil, and a water fraction - the hydrosol.

The hydrosol contains water-soluble compounds found in the plant along with a minute amount of residual essential oil left over from the separation process. This hydrosol comes unpreserved, we recommend using the entire contents immediately after opening or preserving it yourself if you don't plan on using it in a short period of time. 

Douglas Fir hydrosol has antiseptic properties along with being a mild disinfectant, it can help soothe inflamed, sunburned or acne-prone skin.  A great option as a skin toner to balance the skin.  It is energetically calming and energising.

This product is intended for external use 


INCI Pseudotsuga menziesii water
Potential Applications Serums, mists, toners, gels, hair products  
Usage Up to 100%  
Solubility Water Soluble  
Vegan   Yes  
Tested on animals No  
Contains GMO No  
Country of origin New Zealand  
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