Hemp Heart Oil, Cold Pressed - Organic

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Common name Hemp Seed Oil
Botanical name   Cannabis sativa
Description   Light yellow to olive green
Typical Fatty Acid Profile
Linoleic 50-56%
Alpha - linolenic 15-22%
Gamma-linolenic 1-4%
Plant parts used Seed
Extraction method    Cold Pressed
Origin China (Seed), Pressed in NZ



Hemp oil is an increasingly popular oil in beauty and personal care produts. Despite being from the same plant family as the marijuana plant, hemp and it's derivatives do not produce any intoxicating effects. Hemp oil is a considered to have anti-inflammatory properties, with its essential fatty acids useful in assisting skin conditions. Regular users of hemp oil also report enjoying smoother, thicker, softer hair, and stronger nails.


Hemp Heart oil is pressed from hulled certified organic Hemp Seeds. This removes the strong odour and colour normally associated with Hemp Oil.

The seeds are grown in China but hulled and pressed right here in New Zealand to ensure purity and freshness.

As such, we have decided to offer this as a more natural, certified organic alternative to refined Hemp Seed Oil.


Skin: Vitamin rich, moisturising,
Hair: Smooth, thick , strong
Nails: Strong

This product is intended for external use only