Marula Oil - Refined

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Common name Marula Oil
Botanical name   Sclerocarya birrea
Description   Clear, pale, yellowish-brown colour with a pleasant nutty aroma
Typical Fatty Acid Profile
Oleic 70-80%
Palmitic 9-13%
Linoleic 4-9%
Stearic 4-8%
Plant parts used Kernels
Extraction method    Solvent
Origin Africa


The Marula tree has been used by African peoples for centuries. Traditionally, the Tsonga people of Mozambique and South Africa used the oil as a body moisturising lotion, and as a massage oil for babies. Tribespeople often preferred to use marula oil as a daily body cleanser, instead of water. 

In the cosmetics industry, marula is known as the "miracle oil", due to its composition of monounsaturated fatty acids, rich antioxidant content, and nourishing, hydrating qualities. Because of these excellent qualities, marula oil has extremely wide usage in various skincare products, moisturisers, and body lotions.



Skin: Absorbency, skin hydration, moisture retention

This product is intended for external use only