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INCI: Parfum

A truly natural broad-spectrum liquid preservative derived from essential oil fractions. Approved by Ecocert ans COSMOS. Naticide has a distinctive vanilla and almond-like aroma so can also be used as the fragrance in some formulations. It's scent can however clash with some notes, particularly citrus.
Solubility: Water up to 0.6%, soluble in glycol and alcohol.
pH range: 4.0 - 9.0
Temperature: <40°C
Usage:  0.3% to 1% when used as the single preservative, or between 0.2%-0.5% when used in combination with other preservatives. 

As it is only soluble in water up to 0.6%, if using more than this, add 0.6% to water phase and add the balance under constant stirring to ensure proper dispersion.