Orange Peel Wax

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INCI:Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Peel Wax

Orange Peel Wax is an all-natural, orange to brown semi-solid wax derived from orange peel. Orange peel acts as a barrier and stops the orange from drying out. The lipids within the peel are also beneficial to our skin, acting as emollients to shield, moisturise and lubricate the skin. The chemistry of orange peel wax is similar to anhydrous lanolin and functions well as an emollient with an excellent skin feel. 


Orange wax comes out of the juice market in the form of peel waste. The wax comes from processing the discarded peel through water distillation (no chemical solvents), then a simple and green process makes the finished emollient wax with no waste.


Orange Peel Wax can act to enhance sunscreens at low levels and functions as a moisturiser and emollient in skincare applications. It can also be used in hair care applications as a texturizing agent in both leave-in and rinse-off products. It can also be used to colour and lightly scent cold process soaps.

It can also be used as a vegan alternative to Lanolin. Laboratory studies have found comparative results when running side by side formulations swapping lanolin with orange wax. The overall results were similar in viscosity, texture and overall application.

Typical usage level: 0.5 -10%

This product is intended for external use only