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Common name Palm Oil
Botanical name   Elaeis guineesis
Description   White, solid/semi-solid fat
Typical Fatty Acid Profile
Palmitic 42-44%
Oleic 38-40%
Linoleic 8-10%
Stearic 3-5%
Myristic 1%
Plant parts used Fruit
Extraction method    Expeller
Region of origin East Africa


Palm Oil is produced from oil extracted the fruit of the Oil Palm. Along with Coconut, Palm Oil is one of only a few highly saturated vegetable oils. Because it is a highly saturated oil, it is solid at room temperature and requires gentle warming before use. It's low cost, durability and versatility make it extremely useful and it can be found in a large and varied amount of products. Because of this, demand for Palm Oil and other Palm lipids is increasing at a rapid rate. This increase in demand has come with an environmental cost.

We source our Palm oil from a supplier whose supply chain is certified as being sustainable by RSPO. The oil is produced from fruit grown by a collective of smallholders in East Africa.  

Palm Oil contains high levels of Palmitic and Oleic fatty acids compared to Palm Kernel Oil which is richer in Lauric and Myristic Acids.
Palmitic Acid contributes hardness and a stable creamy lather to soap whilst Oleic acid makes soap conditioning and moisturising. 

This product is intended for external use only