About Us

PureNature was founded in 2012 as part of Pure Ingredients Ltd, a key supplier to New Zealand's thriving natural products sector.

We supply a vast array of ingredients for skin care, personal care, soap and candle making and all sorts of creative home crafting.
PureNature is proud to be a wholly New Zealand owned and operated business. This country's unspoilt natural environment and unique flora and fauna serve as a constant source of inspiration to both our staff and the people we work with.

We are only a small team yet we bring with us a wide range of experience as well as a dedication to providing top quality products and exceptional service.

Every product must meet our strict standards for quality, sustainability and purity before it is approved for sale.


Our Products

 We started by simply offering raw materials for skincare. As demand grew, we quickly expanded to include ingredients for soap making, make up, massage, aromatherapy and more.

Whether your needs are large or small, we are happy to assist and if you can't find what you are looking for on this website, check out our FAQ’s or contact us directly.  
Our aim is to continuously expand the range of products on the site so if there’s something you’d like to see on PureNature, let us know! Your feedback helps to make us even better.  

Giving Back

An important part of the PureNature philosophy is to get involved with our community where we can. Over the years we have supported local schools and local non-profit groups numerous times but as our business has grown, so to has our desire to make a more formal and significant contribution. 

We have a formal partnership with two outstanding charities - Forest & Bird and Look Good Feel Better 

For every completed order placed through the website valued at $20 or more we will donate $1 to one of the two charities - it won't cost you a cent and you get to decide who to support!

How it works:
If your order is over $20, at checkout you will be asked to select the organisation you would like us to donate to, simply make a choice, complete your order and we'll take care of the rest - it's as easy as that!

Can't decide?
Follow the links below to see the great work that these organisations do everyday:

Forest & Bird
Look Good Feel Better

Certified Organic


We are proud to be a certified organic repacker and distributor through BioGro New Zealand. This means that we are able to re-pack organic cosmetic and food ingredients and sell them as certified organic. In order to achieve this we undergo a comprehensive annual audit which thoroughly examines our supply chain to ensure that the certified organic products we sell meet the highest organic standards.

BioGro is New Zealand's most recognised and prestigious organic certification body, the BioGro stamp of approval means you are purchasing genuine and verifiable certified organic goods. Read more about BioGro and what certified organic really means here

When you buy a PureNature certified organic product you can be absolutely confident that is was grown and produced in a sustainable way without the routine use of pesticides, herbicides and other nasties. Look out for the BioGro logo in the product descriptions on the site and on the products you buy on PureNature, this indicates that the product is certified organic.

Click here to view a copy of our current certificate and as well as a full list of our certified organic products on offer.

Global Partners

We source our products from dozens of handpicked suppliers located in all corners of the globe. Over the years we have built special relationships with them, here are a couple that exemplify the quality standards we expect:

Australian Botanical Products (Australia)

ABP is the largest essential oil supplier in Australasia with a history spanning more than 30 years. ABP offers an impressive commitment to quality and expertise in the chemistry of essential oils.
Read more here...

Aloecorp (USA)
Aloecorp is the world's foremost Aloe Vera company, originally founded in 1988. With their own large Aloe farms, numerous certifications and patent manufacturing processes Aloecorp are truly unrivalled in the world of Aloe.
Read more here...

Advanced Organic Materials (Argentina/USA)
AOM have developed a fantastic range of Vitamin E products based on sunflower oil that are guaranteed to be GMO free...
Read more here...

CandleScience (USA)
The largest candle supply company in America. CandleScience deliver a range of ingredients unmatched by anyone in the market. We are proud to be their sole distributor here in New Zealand.
Read more here...

Eco Oil (Argentina)
Eco Oil represents one of the largest group of Jojoba cultivators in the world. Having invested heavily in research to improve cultivation, harvesting and manufacturing Eco Oil produces Jojoba oil and derivatives that meet the highest possible international standards.
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