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Limited stock, unbleached natural loofah.

Loofah or Luffa are the dried fruit of a large gourd grown throughout Asia for both cuisine and as a natural exfoliating material. The versatile loofah can be simply cut into pieces or opened out and cut into 'sheets' which can be transformed into a multitude of bath accessories.

INCI: Luffa Cylindrica Fruit

- Loofah should be re-hydrated in clean water and then left to dry thoroughly before preparing.
- When using, make sure to let your loofah dry out completely in between uses 
- Clean your loofah regularly in a weak bleach solution to keep potentially harmful bugs at bay
- If your loofah becomes discoloured or shows signs of microorganism growth - discard it immediately
- Do not use a loofah continuously for more than one month unless you clean it weekly
- As it is completely natural, when you are finished with your loofah it can simply be thrown into the compost or worm farm!