E-Leen P8

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INCI: Caprylyl Glycol, Phenylpropanol, Water

E-Leen 8 is a new innovation for self-preserved and nature-based formulations. All ingredients are 100% natural origin, COSMOS and NATRUE approved.

The preservative is designed around a pioneering bio-based Caprylyl Glycol that is produced via green chemistry from sustainably sourced coconut and palm kernel oils. The utilized raw materials are all GMO-free and 100% plant-based.

E-Leen 8 is efficient at low use levels and at various pH levels. Being free of conventional preservatives, it represents an unparalleled economical option for the alternative protection of natural cosmetics.

Usage: 0.5 - 2%
pH: 3 to 10
E-leen is easily incorporated into O/W emulsions and anhydrous products but will not dissolve into highly aqueous solutions. To use in these formulae, mix E-Leen P8 with a solubiliser (such as Natural Solubiliser) before adding to your recipe.

For external use only
Always handle preservatives with care.