A Bit About Butters

A Bit About Butters

A Bit About Butters

Butters are extremely popular in DIY recipes and rightly so, they are creamy, rich, and soothing. This makes them perfect for body butters, soap, lip balms and much more. To help you pick which butter you want to use in your next project, see below for a summary of the butters available on PureNature.

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Shea Butter 

Our most popular butter! PureNature stocks no less than 5 different types of Shea Butter. To learn more about this amazing product, check out our recent blog article here. Shea Butter is one of the softer butters and is an excellent choice for cold process soap, whipped body butters and balms. It can even be used ‘as is’ for dry, irritated, and inflamed skin. 

Mango Butter 

Mango Butter is the most like Shea Butter, a touch more solid but less greasy on the skin. It has a gorgeous texture and absorbs into the skin beautifully making it a wonderful choice for body butters and balms. 

Cocoa Butter 

A much harder and more brittle butter than the rest. This property can be harnessed to bring firmness to a recipe making it great for products like lip balms and massage bars. As you'd expect, natural cocoa butter has a lovely chocolate smell, however if you do not want a strong cocoa scent, we also have a refined option available. 

Cupuacu Butter, Organic 

Cupuacu is a close relative of Cocoa. It is a firmer butter and can be considered a “plant based” alternative to lanolin due to its ability to attract water. This is what gives it skin hydrating and plumping qualities. 

Kokum Butter 

Kokum may be used as a more exotic substitute for Cocoa Butter. It works well in a body butter and is an excellent emollient, absorbing quickly into the skin. It also promotes elasticity and regeneration of the skin. As it is a harder butter it can be useful in solid products to give a firmer structure to the formula. 

Murumuru Butter 

Hailing from South America, Murumuru is an exotic, less well-known butter. It is a softer butter like shea or mango and is often recommended for sensitive and acne-prone skin. It has also been shown to strengthen and protect the hair. 

Almond, Aloe Vera, Avocado and Olive Butter 

These butters are created by blending cold pressed oil or infused oils with hydrogenated vegetable oils to produce a soft, light coloured butter with mild odour and excellent melting properties. They give excellent spread on the skin, making them an ideal massage butter or carrier for treatment products. 

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