Native Extracts - Conscious Manufacturing

Native Extracts - Conscious Manufacturing

Native Extracts – Conscious Manufacturing

PureNature can reveal that we are now the exclusive New Zealand distributor for the Native Extracts range. Native Extracts is an inspirational Australian company, most notable for their innovative range of native Australian botanical extracts - made using their proprietary Cellular Extraction™ process. As if being at the cutting edge of botanical skincare is not enough, Native Extracts are also leaders in the development of truly ethical and sustainable business practices.  Read on to find out more about this wonderful company and their exciting range of products.

About Native Extracts

Native Extracts aims to break new ground in the botanical extract industry with new science, new research, a new palette for formulators, and the introduction of new botanical sources.

Director and Innovator, Lisa Carrol says "Our vision was to develop a range that truly delivers the power of nature, and is unique, innovative, organic, marketable, eco-sustainable and supports community development and Indigenous enterprise”.

At the core of the Native Extracts operation is their proprietary Cellular Extraction process. This unique method allows for the full suite of compounds to be gently released from inside of the plant cells, delivering an extract that is true to nature. The process is also far more sustainable than many extraction processes and Native Extracts doubles down on this by incorporating their own initiatives into every part of their business – they call it Conscious Manufacturing:

  • Extraction uses significantly less plant matter/biomass to create superior plant extracts, Preventing Over-Harvesting
  • They use filtered, deionized and purified Rain Harvested Water, reducing the use of public supply (saving 170,000 litres in one year, the equivalent to an Olympic size swimming pool!)
  • The factory recycles and composts and operates at a Household Standard Waste Collection. Extract by- products are clean, biodegradable, and composted or sorted for collection
  • Sourcing Sustainably, wild harvested or commercially grown botanicals, in addition to upcycling surplus produce to reduce growers’ waste streams and extend crop values – less plant material means less exposure to over harvesting
  • Energy and Biomass - Efficient extraction methods have an accelerated processing time, using extreme pressure and static cycles reducing the energy needed to create an extract, using less plant material to create superior extracts
  • Flexible Concentration Options are affordable and minimize packaging and freight-related CO2 emissions from reduced weight
  • Efficient Manufacturing - with a rapid process required to maintain the integrity of the natural molecules, they create a continuous cycle of stock that does not require the large volumes of past processes like maceration and percolation. This process is flexible and responsive, allowing them to scale up rapidly in short timeframes.

A hand-picked selection of Cellular Extracts in 1:10 concentrations, blends and their beautiful Australian Rosewood (Rainforest Blue) Essential Oil are all available now from PureNature.

We are truly honoured to be working with such an amazing company, in future blogs we will explore some of their unique range of Australian Native botanical extracts, blends and oils in more depth.

Find out more about Native Extracts here