Marvelous Mānuka

Marvelous Mānuka

Marvelous Mānuka 

The Mānuka bush is a common native New Zealand tree and a key ingredient with a long history of use in traditional Māori medicine, Rongoā.  

Mānuka is most famous for the unique honey produced from its nectar which is renowned for its antibacterial and health properties. European settlers also used Mānuka leaves as a tea-like substitute, hence the common name 'Tea tree', however this name is also bestowed upon its relative the Australian native Melaleuca alternifolia, so the use of the Māori name is preferential. 

We do think Mānuka is marvelous, and we have an impressive range of products available for you to try. 

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Mānuka Essential Oil 

Mānuka oil is steam distilled from the Mānuka tree's leaves and twigs (Leptospermum scoparium). It has many benefits, backed by evidence, for skincare, personal care, and oral care. Beta-triketones are a key constituent which provide anti-microbial properties. Mānuka oil from the East Cape Region of New Zealand yields the highest Beta-triketones levels (up to 30x higher).  

We have a range of Mānuka Essential Oil: Mānuka Essential Oil MBTK™ 20+, Mānuka Essential Oil 5% Triketones and Mānuka Organic Essential Oil 

PlantæDerMX® Mānuka Extract 

Our Mānuka Extract is made from premium Mānuka harvested in Kawhia, Waikato by Mana Wahine who carry a lineage of Mātauranga Māori on how to approach and harvest botanicals in a sustainable and respectful process. A perfect ingredient for water-based applications – mists, toners, serums, creams, lotions, shampoo etc. 

Mānuka Hydrosol 

Mānuka Hydrosol is obtained by distilling the Mānuka Essential Oil, allowing for its own unique qualities to be preserved. These qualities are closely intertwined with those of Mānuka Leaves and Oil, and, as such, make it especially well-suited for use in personal care products such as cleansers and washes, due to its recognized healing, soothing, and cleansing properties. 

Mānuka Leaf – Dried 

Mānuka Leaf, sustainably harvested from Mānuka bushes, is renowned for its healing properties in traditional Māori (Rongoā) medicine. European settlers referred to this plant as “Tea Tree” and adopted it as an alternative tea-like beverage. It is rich in tannins and essential oil, making it astringent, anti-spasmodic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, thus possibly being useful for skin issues and digestive issues. It can be used to make tea, powder, tincture, extract, and infused oil. 

PlantæDerMX® Mānuka Honey Extract 

Mānuka Honey is world-renowned for its potent healing properties. However, incorporating it into some formulations can prove difficult but not with this Mānuka Honey Extract! Made from premium UMF25+ Mānuka Honey, harvested in Ahipara, Northland. It is a perfect addition to any skincare routine to help restore and repair skin naturally.  

Mānuka Honey Powder 

The freeze-dried powder of Mānuka Honey makes the honey easy to handle and incorporate into various cosmetic and personal care preparations, with all the benefits - Mānuka Honey Powder easily dissolves in water. 

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