Essential Oil Bath-time Safety

Essential Oil Bath-time Safety

We all love the idea of using essential oils in our baths, but let's dive into the right way to do it. You've probably heard that oil and water don't mix, and this holds true for essential oils in baths. Simply dropping them into the water might seem easy, but it's not the safest approach.

Undiluted essential oils in your bathwater can be problematic, especially for sensitive areas. Imagine those potent oils floating on the water's surface, concentrated and ready to cause discomfort. Not a pleasant thought, right?

But the issue goes beyond just the water's surface. When concentrated oils touch your skin, they stay potent and can lead to irritation. To make the most of essential oils in your bath without any downsides, try a different technique. Dilution is key.

The dilution rate for bath products is usually 1 – 4% but you must keep in mind the maximum levels for safety for specific essential oils.

Add essential oil/s to a carrier oil

Add 5-15 drops total to 15mls of carrier oil (jojoba and fractionated coconut are good choices for a less slippery bath)

Add essential oil/s to a solubiliser

Polysorbate 20/80 – 1:1 ratio               

Natural solubiliser 1:5 ratio

Add essential oil/s to a surfactant  

Bubble Bath Base 5 – 15 drops in 15mls of bubble wash base.

If you are making bath salts in a jar – you will need to add the essential oil to the carrier oil and them mix through the salts.  Don’t use a solubiliser at it breaks down the salts and you will come back to a liquid mess.

Essential oils should always be diluted (not only just in the bath) more on this next time.

If you want to learn more, check out this article from the Tisserand Institute

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