Wedding Favours

Wedding Favours

Wedding favours are becoming increasingly popular, favours both great and small. By creating your very own candle, tea, bath salts or soap it can really show your guests gratitude in a personal way. In our Wedding Favour Blog, we hope to give a little insight into the history of Wedding Favours and also give some modern ideas around gifting and favour traditions.

Where did this favour tradition begin? Wedding favours started in the 16th century England. It was common for couples to gift guests love knots made from lace or ribbon representing their bond of love. Wedding favours spread and the French and Italians began to give favours called Bonbonnieres. A bonbonniere usually consisted of a porcelain, crystal or tin box which was filled with sugar or candy as a symbol of wealth. Weddings have always been considered a symbol of wealth and considered a lucky occasion.

Couples are increasingly sourcing local products to gift their guests. This could include things like a jar of honey, jams, candles, soaps, sweets and potted plants.

Eco themes also cover wedding decorations, bouquets, table centrepieces, wedding archways and venue decorations. A lot of people now up-cycle wooden signs and crates. Popular eco alternatives to confetti include flower petals and leaves.

Top Wedding Guest Gift Ideas


After a busy day celebrating a herbal tea can really soothe the soul. Blends that are popular include chamomile, peppermint and lemon balm for their relaxing qualities. On the tea tags you could personalise it with a message or put the date and initials of the couple.


Cold Process and Melt and Pour soaps are a really personal wedding favour to give. You can make it as plain or decorative as you like. Using mica, glitter or flower petals in the mix can really match your wedding theme colours and style, it's a very nice way to say thank you to guests.


Candles are increasingly popular as a wedding favour, you can make them quite fast and they are a symbol of unity, love and romance. You can make them simple with natural soy wax or you can jazz them up with colour dye and petals. Some people like to wrap a ribbon around the jar or write a special message on a tag and then wrap it around the jar with twine.


Bath Salts

Soothing bath salts are a great idea for wedding gift favours. After everyone has danced the night away, these bath salts are a real treat for guests.

Making your own favours with the help of our recipes will hopefully help free up some time and funds. Our recipes are made in multiples of 10x to make it easy to create a large batch of wedding favour gifts with ease. For the best success we recommend crafting 4- 6 weeks ahead so your wedding creations have enough time to settle. It also allows for extra guests and a more enjoyable time personalising your wedding favours.