Beach Candle

Beach Candle

A beautiful ozonic scented candle reminiscent of balmy summer days on the beach!


Makes 1 candle


Soy Wax


Sea Minerals fragrance


High Tide fragrance


Dye block- cappuccino brown


Dye block- teal & royal blue


Bio glitter- blue


Straight sided tumbler- clear


Wick- ECO 14


Wick sticker & wick holder


Pouring pitcher or large pyrex jug
Pot for pouring pitcher (double boiler method) OR microwave
Digital Scales that go down to 1g
Fine grater
Spoon or spatula
Large glass measuring beaker or small pyrex jug


  1. Stick your wick to the centre of the jar using the wick sticker

  2. The ‘Sand’ Weigh 55gms of wax into the pitcher or jug and melt in the double boiler or microwave, when it’s liquid take it off the heat and grate a little of the brown dye block into the wax, stir until dissolved. Add 3mls of high tide fragrance, stir well. Pour into the bottom of the jar and leave to set. This will be your sand!

  3. When the sand layer has set, melt the rest of the wax until liquid and pour about 1/3 of the melted wax into the beaker, grate the blue dye blocks in there until the desired shade is achieved. Add 3mls of sea minerals fragrance and stir well. With the wax that is left over we are going to leave this un-coloured, add to it 6ml of sea minerals fragrance and stir well.

  4. The ‘ocean’ Wait until the wax is starting to crystalise a little (it will be thick but still pourable) Pour a little of the white and swirl it around, then pour a little of the blue and swirl it, repeat these steps until all the wax is poured in, finish with the un-coloured wax on top. Sprinkle with bio glitter. Pop your wick holder on to keep the wick in the center while it hardens. Let the candle cure for a week and its ready to light up your life!

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