Lavender Swirly Soap

Lavender Swirly Soap


These lovely lavender soaps are so easy to make, a perfect activity for kids and adults. A great soap to use at night time to help with relaxation and sleep.


Makes approx. 6 bars




SFIC Low Sweat Clear Soap



SFIC Low Sweat White Soap



Lavender, Essential Oil

½ tsp


Mica - Magic Violet


Microwave or double boiler method
Glass Stirring Rod/Spoon/Spatula
Digital Scales that go down to 1g
2x Glass Pyrex jugs
Isopropyl alcohol in a misting/spritzer bottle
Mould for the soap (6 cavity, square) or silicone baking mould of your choice


  1. Cut the clear soap and white soap into small cubes, pop in separate jugs ready for melting.
  2. Melt the clear soap in the microwave (1min then 30sec bursts) until liquid. Melt the white soap in the microwave (1min bursts) until liquid.
  3. While the white base is melting…. Add to the clear melted base ½ tsp purple mica and 2.5mls of Lavender Essential Oil mica and mix well.
  4. Now add 2.5mls of Lavender Essential Oil to the white melted soap and mix well.
  5. Now have some fun, you can pour your soap how you would like – eg pour half of the white in and then fill up with the purple or pour each jug at the same time or wait until the first pour is just about set and then pour on top to create a layer.
  6. Once you have poured your soap spritz with isopropyl alcohol to pop all the bubbles and give a smooth surface.
  7. Wait until the soap has set, and then wrap them, ENJOY - ready to use.


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