Swirl Soap

Swirl Soap

Swirl Soap - a basic soap for the kids to make with floating colours.



SFIC Low Sweat Clear

4-5 drops

Liquid Soap Dye or Food Colouring (we used orange, red & green) 


Fragrance of choice 


Soap Mould – Square, 6 Cavity or mould of choice
Heat resistant jug
Microwave or double boiler
Knife/Chopping Board


  1. With your pipette place small drops (4-5 drops) of the liquid dye into the bottom of the mould, spread them out with a toothpick.
  2. Cut up soap block into small cubes and melt in a pyrex jug in the microwave (for 1min then stir and continue in 30sec bursts until melted) or in a double boiler until liquid. Do not let the soap boil.
  3. Measure out fragrance. Keep gently stirring the soap base so as to avoid a skin forming on top. Add the fragrance mixture and mix well.
  4. Pour soap into the first mould and swirl once or twice with a toothpick until you see the colours swirling, repeat with all the other moulds. Spritz with isopropyl alcohol if you have to pop bubbles and ensure smooth top. Leave to set for around 3-4hrs and gently unmould.

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