Twinkle Soap

Twinkle Soap

A festive little DIY to get you ahead of the game with gold glitter and personal touches to add to your soap at home or give as a gift!




SFIC Low Sweat White Soap Base



SFIC Low Sweat Clear Soap Base



Fragrance of choice

½ tsp


Iridescent copper pearl mica

½ tsp


Gold Bio Glitter



Mist spray bottle of Isopropyl alcohol



Wave cutter (optional)


2 x Small Pyrex Jugs
Small Beaker
Digital Scales 
Small Square Soap Mould


  1. Chop up and weigh each soap base, putting the clear in one jug and the white in the other.
  2. Melt in the microwave without stirring until fully melted (usually 1 minute and then 30sec bursts until melted). Then stir gently.
  3. Add the gold bio glitter to the clear soap along with 5gms of fragrance and stir gently.
  4. Add the mica to the white soap along with 5gms of fragrance and stir gently. You can spritz the top with the isopropyl to help pop any bubbles on top if need be.
  5. Pour the clear soap into the mould first, then spritz with isopropyl.
  6. Now gently pour the white on top, then spritz with isopropyl.
  7. Let to set for approx. 4 hours then gently unmould and slice into 4 bars with a wave blade soap cutter.

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