Wedding Tin Candles

Wedding Tin Candles

Wedding favour tin candles are super easy to make and are a lovely way to remember your special day with family and friends.


Makes 10


GW464 Soy Wax


Champagne & Strawberries fragrance


Wick Sticker


ECO 04 Wicks


Safety Label


Wooden Wick Holder




Dried Flowers of choice


Small Candle Tins


Pouring Pitcher or Pyrex Jug
Pot for Double Boiler
Digital Scales 


  1. Weigh your soy wax. Add soy wax to a pouring pitcher, glass pyrex jug, stainless steel jug or old pot and melt the wax using the double boiler method (see below) You may need to do this in two batches if your jug isn’t big enough. Though you can usually start melting the wax and then add more as it’s melting.
  2. Using the thermometer heat wax until 85C, stirring occasionally.
  3. Add your fragrance to this and stir thoroughly but gently.
  4. Take the jug out of the double boiler and sit aside (on a heat resistant surface) until the temperature comes down to 65C.
  5. While the wax is cooling, use the wick sticker to attach wick to the container making sure it is centred.
  6. Stir the wax again at 65C then pour slowly into the tins. Sprinkle with Bio Glitter.
  7. Use the wick bar to centre the wick. Sprinkle with Bio Glitter.  Just before wax is set you can add a couple of dried flowers.
  8. While the jug is warm, clean out with paper towels and a little isopropyl alcohol (if you have it).
  9. Let the candle cool overnight, then trim the wick to 6mm (do this also each time you light it). Let the candle cure for a minimum of 48 hours but ideally up to 2 weeks.  The longer curing time will improve hot and cold scent throw of your candle.


Double Boiler Method

Fill a saucepan with a third of water, bring to the boil and reduce to a gentle simmer. Place the wax into a pouring pitcher, tempered glass or stainless steel jug small enough to fit inside the saucepan and is best if the handle from jug goes over the outside of the pot.  Carefully place the bowl onto the simmering water. Stir wax every now and again as it melts.

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