Xmas Soaps

Xmas Soaps


These sweet xmas soaps are quick and easy to make. Perfect for xmas stocking fillers, Secret Santa or an additional gift.


Makes 640gm approx. 6 x soaps


SFIC Low Sweat Clear


Gingerbread fragrance

½ tsp

Mica - Copper


Isopropyl Alcohol


6 Cavity Round Mould


Pyrex Jug/s
Mixing Sticks
Digital Scales that go down to 1g
Xmas Moulds for inserts
6 Cavity Round Mould


  1. Firstly you want to make the inserts – you can get creative here! Weigh out approx. half of the soap (300gm)
  2. Cut up into pieces, put into the jug and microwave for 20 secs and then short 10 second bursts until melted.
  3. In a beaker take your chosen colour and add ½ tsp of colour and half of the fragrance, stir.
  4. Once the soap has melted pour the colour/fragrance into the soap jug and mix well. Now pour this into your desired xmas moulds, and spritz with isopropyl alcohol. Wait for this to set completely before continuing.
  5. Cut up the remaining block of soap, put into the jug and microwave for 20 secs and then short 10 sec bursts until melted.
  6. Once this is melted add the other half of the fragrance and stir well.

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