Black Friday / Cyber Monday FAQ

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What’s on offer? +

Members will earn 20 Pure Points for every $1 they spend online. Plus FREE SHIPPING on all orders over the sale period!

How do I earn the bonus Pure Points? +

Make sure you have created an account on our site so that you are eligible to earn Pure Points. Then ensure that you are logged in to your account when you place any order over the promotional period.

What about Pure Points VIP tiers? +

During the Cyber week promotion, all VIP tiers will earn the same 20 points for every $1 spent.

How long is the offer valid? +

The offer begins 9am Friday November 24th and ends Midnight, Monday November 27th.

What can I do with my Pure Points? +

Click here for more information on our Pure Points rewards program and how to redeem your points.

When will my order ship? +

We will be working hard to ship all orders ASAP. However, we expect to be extremely busy over the sale period so there may be a slight delay in shipping your order. We thank you for your patience with the team and our shipping provider.

Help! I haven’t received my bonus Pure Points! +

Over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping period, E-commerce platforms and associated software comes under huge strain globally. Whilst we do not expect to encounter any issues, it is possible that this massive spike in demand may cause disruption to our rewards program.
If you encounter any issues do not hesitate to contact us immediately to rectify the problem.