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What are essential oils? +

Essential oils are volatile, aromatic oils produced by plants. Plants produce essential oils for a variety of reasons, sometimes as part of their defence strategy against micro-organisms or as part their reproductive process to attract pollinators or seed dispersers. People have extracted essential oils from plants for centuries and found a multitude of applications for them: food, medicine, cosmetics, religious sacraments… the list goes on!

These oils are found either in the leaves (e.g, eucalyptus), berries (juniper), grasses (palmarosa), petals (rose), roots (angelica), rind (orange), resins (frankincense) or wood (cedar).

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Where does PureNature source essential oils from? +

PureNature is the exclusive New Zealand agent for the Australian Botanical Products (ABP) range of essential oils. Almost all of our essential oils come from ABP.

Since 1982, ABP has developed a reputation as one of the leading suppliers of essential oils for professional use across the world.

ABP can guarantee the purity and authenticity of their products with absolute confidence. Each batch of oil must meet precisely defined standards before it is accepted for use, in fact ABP turn away more oil than they accept!. These standards have been developed over their 30 years of business in accordance with international best practice and their own painstaking research. Oils are tested by organoleptic (sensorial) and laboratory analyical methods including their own in-house GCMS laboratory run by Phd Chemists specially trained in GCMS analysis.

ABP is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), this means they conform to some of the most rigourous quality control standards in the world giving further strength to their already impressive quality promise.
ABP are also certifed organic (ACO), HACCP certified and have various other certifications including Halal and Kosher.

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Are your essential oils 'certified pure, therapeutic grade'? +

There is no independent certification for the purity of essential oils. At PureNature any of our pure and natural essential oils that are safe to use topically are considered to be therapeutic grade. They may be used topically for therapeutic purposes. Certain oils may contain less or more of certain constituents - these are known as chemotypes. Certain chemotypes are more desirable for particular applications but this should not be confused with the oil being of a particular grade.

Can I ingest your essential oils? +

PureNature does not promote the ingestion of any essential oils for therapeutic purposes. Essential oils are highly concentrated, chemically complex products. Whilst they may contain many beneficial compounds, they can also contain many potentially toxic compounds. 

Remember: just because the internet says you can, doesn’t mean you should!

However, essential oils can be used in cooking and baking as natural flavours - this is because the oils are heavily diluted and the amount you are likely to ingest in a typical serving poses no risk. 

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