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What are Pure Points? +

Pure Points is our online loyalty program designed to treat customers like you with wonderful rewards and benefits you deserve. You can use your points to earn discounts off purchases, so the more you collect the more you save.

How do I join the Pure Points Program? +

Simply create a customer account and you will automatically become a part of our program. Or you can join by using our loyalty program widget Pure Points on the bottom right of your screen.  

How do I earn Pure Points? +

You can earn points for all sorts of online activities, including following us on social media, writing reviews*, referring friends* and making purchases. You must be logged in to earn points on purchases.

How do I redeem my Pure Points? +

Pure Points are redeemed for rewards which you can spend on our site. You can redeem your points on our payment page during checkout or at any time in the Pure Points widget.

Do Pure Points expire? +

Your Pure Points balance will expire if you have not earned or spent points for a continuous period of 2 years. This only applies to customers who have been inactive for 2 years. Customer points will expire each day on a rolling basis if they have not earned or spent points within 2 years of earning. A notification email will be sent 30 days prior to expiration date as a reminder.

Is there a limit to the number of points I can earn? +

No. Go ahead and earn as many as you can! However, please note, the maximum reward that can be redeemed is $120.00 (10,000 Pure Points)

How does the Refer a Friend program work? +

Share your unique link with a friend who has not shopped with us before and does not have an account with us. When you refer a friend, they get a $10 discount you’ll get 1000 points when your friend makes a purchase. To access your unique URL, once logged in simply open the PurePoints launcher and scroll down to the referral section. You can copy the link, send it by email or share it on Facebook.

How do I get points for writing a review? +

After making an online purchase with us, you will receive a product review request email 7 days after the order is fulfilled. After responding to the review email, points will be attributed to your account. If you leave a review for the products prior to receiving the review request email then the system will not send the request email as it has already recorded the reviews for those products from you and the points will not get added. Please wait for the review request email to earn points for reviewing products you have purchased. PLEASE NOTE:
Only 5 products per order can be reviewed in return for PurePoints though you are welcome to review any product you have purchased directly on the site. The system defaults to the first 5 products on your order, at present we cannot change this.
Review rewards can be earned for a maximum of 5 reviews in a 7 day period and rewards for attaching a video to your review can only be earned once in a 7 day period.

How do I get points for following on social media? +

Simply log into your account and go to the Pure Points dashboard. Select the tab called *Ways to earn*. Click on any of the social media outlets you wish to follow and login to that platform and like or follow us!

Are Pure Points refundable? +

No. Once points are redeemed, they are non-refundable.

Pure Points Terms & Conditions +

- Pure Nature reserves the right to modify or change rewards at any time.

- You must create an account and be logged in to accrue Pure Points.

- Points can only be earned or redeemed online.

- Points can only be redeemed once.

- Points have no cash value and are not exchangeable for cash or credit.

- Points cannot be transferred

- Rewards cannot be combined

- Only one reward at a time may be used per transaction

- Birthday date should be entered at least a month before to receive your voucher.