Rosehip Oil, Natural - Organic

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Common name Rosehip oil
Botanical name   Rosa moschata
Description   Bright red oil
Typical Fatty Acid Profile
Linoleic 43-46%
Linolenic 31-34%
Oleic 14-16%
Palmitic 3.4-4.4%
Plant parts used Seed
Extraction method    Cold pressing
Region of origin South Africa



Famous for its regenerative qualities, Rosehip oil is one of the world's most popular skin repair oils. A much sought-after addition to many skin care and cosmetic products, Rosehip is also a powerful treatment when used directly on the skin. 

Rosehip oil's main claim to fame is its high levels of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a key nutrient for maintaining healthy skin and assisting skin cell renewal. Beta-carotene also helps to repair and protect the skin from various forms of sun damage.

Rosehip oil is also a rich source of vitamn A (retinol) and vitamin C. Many of the pharmacological properties and therapeutic claims surrounding Rosehip oil relate to its high content of flavonoids, o-ketonic compound (3-penten-propyl-ketone), and trans-retinoic acid.

Used regularly, Rosehip oil has a deeply nourishing effect on ageing and dehydrated skin. It's useful for dry, damaged and irritated skin and helps to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and uneven skin tone.



Skin: Moisturising, renewal, repair

This product is intended for external use only