Conditioner Bar : Reasons To Make The Switch!

Conditioner Bar : Reasons To Make The Switch!

Have you heard of a conditioner bar? Well we are so in love with them here we definitely will not be going back to using any other type of conditioner in the future plus they are also fantastic for shaving.

Here are 5 reasons why we think you should make the switch to the Conditioner Bar, along with a look at some hair loving ingredients and of course a recipe to get you started!

Zero Packaging

One of the best reasons to a make the switch! Just imagine if everyone used a conditioner bar and how many plastic bottles this would save.

Low Water Content

Usually liquid conditioners are made with a large % of water, conditioner bars are super concentrated using no water or minimum water thus helping save our water resources.

Small and Long Lasting

For the minimalist out there these bars can be any size you like (silicone mini muffin tray is ideal) creating more space and less clutter in your bathrooms, and as they are super concentrated they last for ages!

Customise To Suit

You can customise these beauties to suit you - size, colour, along with loads of hair loving ingredients to choose from.

Ideal For Travel

Make mini ones or cut a piece off then pop into a small aluminium tin or wrap in a little beeswax wrap. 

Here’s a look at some of our top ingredients to add to your conditioner bar:

Silk/Wheat/Soy Hydrolysed Proteins -  Hydrolysed proteins are proteins that have been broken down into smaller chains of amino acids they support moisture levels and penetrate to the hair cortex to promote repair.

Provitamin B5 - also known as D Panthenol a well known ingredient in many popular hair care products. Being a humectant it helps the hair follicle retain moisture increasing softness and elasticity.

Butters and Oils - our favourites for the hair are cocoa butter, kokum butter and murumuru butter along with abyssinian oil, argan oil and baobab oil, there are so many to choose from.

Essential Oils - there are many essential oils which are good for the hair and scalp along with making the bar smell delicious, you can customise this to suit you.

Here is our luxurious conditioner bar recipe, repairing conditioner bar recipe and palm free conditioner bar recipe to get you on your way to packaging free hair care.

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