Equipment for Skincare

DIY Skincare Making Equipment

Are you wanting to make your own skincare products at home and don’t know where to start? It’s a lot simpler than you think and with some equipment essentials (it’s best to have equipment dedicated to just DIY as we want them to be as sterile/clean as possible) you will be soon on your way. So here’s a list of our top 10 😊


So many uses… you need a few different sizes of these, perfect to make face/body/eye oils in and with any easy pour spout to get into the bottle they are a must. They are heat resistant which is great for water baths and easy for weighing out ingredients and mixing up micas.

Glass Stirring Rod

If you are using a beaker you need a glass stirring rod, enough said.


Have dedicated teaspoons and spoons for powders, mica’s, clays etc.


You don’t want to leave any of that gorgeous product in the beaker/bowl so a couple of different size silicone spatula’s are a must, also a whisk will also come in very handy.

Pyrex Jug/s

Perfect for balms, body butters, candles, cold process soap etc being heat resistant - pop straight into a water bath.


You will need a good thermometer and they aren’t so expensive. Whether you are adding essential oils/vitamin e (under 40 degrees) or making an emulsion, making cold process soap, candles you will be always reaching for it.


For your double boiler (to make balms, candles, body butters, emulsions etc….

Isopropyl Alcohol

Hygiene! After washing all your equipment and utensils, you then need to spray them with alcohol to disinfect them. Pop the Isopropyl Alcohol in a spray bottle for ease of use. You can find the bottle/mist sprayer here.


An absolute must, any recipe you make should require you to use scales. Always try to find recipes that are in weight - websites like Humblebee and Me, Swift Craft Monkey, Soap Queen, In My Soap Pot and of course the recipe section on our website here. A 0.1gram scale will usually be enough for most people, but if you are going to be working in very small batches and using essential oils a lot we recommend also looking into a 0.01g as well.

Amber bottles/pots and aluminum tins

Always have some packaging on hand so when you whip up that recipe you can pop it straight into it’s container.  Remember to isopropyl spray these as well!

We have also put together an amazing Lab Equipment Set to start you off at a fantastic price - Find it here

Happy Formulating! 🙂