Journey Of Jojoba …From The Farm To Your Face

Journey Of Jojoba …From The Farm To Your Face

Jojoba (pronounced ho-ho-ba) oil has long been prized for its amazing moisturising qualities. Its molecular structure is very similar sebum produced by our skin, which means it absorbs easily and nourishes deeply. You’ll find it in loads of skin care and hair care products, and it’s one of PureNature’s most popular oils.

Recently, our director headed over to Argentina for a first-hand glimpse of how our Jojoba oil is harvested, filtered and pressed. There, in La Rioja province, he got to see how our supplier Eco Oils works to create sustainable resources as well as providing employment for seasonal workers in a very poor part of Argentina.

The Harvest: Workers gather the jojoba seeds from beneath the jojoba trees by hand.

Sow Seeds: After the debris is sifted out, the Jojoba seeds are ready for for the factory.

Crates Away: These crates hold some 500kg of seeds each. The oil yield of Jojoba is about 50% – quite high. That means about 250kg of oil per bin!

Down The Chute: Jojoba seeds are loaded onto a conveyor belt and then pass through this no-frills expeller press. Oil is then extracted through cold-pressing.

Oil Out: Cold-pressed oil flowing from the expeller press.

Fill ‘er Up: The pressed oil is then collected into tanks, ready for filtration.

The Clean Machine: The oil is then filtered through a one-step plate filter. No fancy technology here!

Voila! The Jojoba oil is stored in vats before being filtered once again. It’s then exported to us here at PureNature in New Zealand. And that’s the whole process!

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