The Magic of Mica

The Magic of Mica

What's so magic about Micas? Perhaps it's the vivid colours or the versatility of the pigment, or maybe it's in the sparkle? Whatever your reason, whether you are a newbie or a pro there is always something new to learn about Micas. When it comes to DIY crafting Mica is a very popular choice for colouring cosmetics, soaps, body lotions and potions. For many mica is the go-to for adding a bit of magic to their cold-process soap swirling, bath products or cosmetic creation.  

What do we use Mica for?

Mica is very versatile we use mica in a range of body products including Melt and Pour/Cold-process Soap Making, Bath Bombs, Cosmetics, Makeup, Slime and Body Paint.

Our Micas are specially formulated to provide vivid colour pigments without bleeding, so it retains the richness of colour by the amount of mica powder you use.

There are a number of cosmetics that use mica including eyeshadows, highlighters, shimmer body oils, nail polish, lipstick, blusher, lip balm and lip gloss.

What is Mica?

Mica is the name given to a class of natural earth minerals that have been mined and ground into purified powder. Mica is a silicate mineral that has been used for centuries with some of the earliest uses in cave painting in the prehistoric era. It is most commonly mined in coarse crystal like granite or other igneous rocks known as pegmatites. Pure Nature's mica's are child labour free.

There are a few dozen mica groups with the main one being Muscovite. Mica powder comes in a huge variety of colours. Some with or without shimmer and in a range of sizes. For bath and body products we always ensure to only use cosmetic safe mica.

How are coloured Micas made?

To make the dazzling array of mica colours we can use today, the mica flakes are coated with various compounds including Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Chromium Oxide, Ultramarines and other pigments and mineral colours. These are applied in different combinations and amounts to reflect the light in ways to create the colour effects we know and love.

Is Mica natural?

Mica itself is a natural mineral product. However, the compounds added to create the colour effects are synthetic. Although natural iron oxides do exist, they are not approved for cosmetic use due to the risk of contaminants and so may not be used to create coloured mica for cosmetic applications.

Tips and tricks for using Mica


For the most vivid colour and achieving a depth of colour Melt & Pour Clear Glycerine soap has stunning sparkly results. In white-based soaps, the mica colour becomes more diluted and the pearlescent effect is milder. In cold process soap swirling Mica can look rather wonderful, exquisite to the eye and a pleasure to create those swirling patterns and then later when we cut the soap it really showcases the effect in the soap.Try Our Soap Making Kit

Image (Cold process soap mixing and swirling Micas)

Brushing Mica

Mica is great for brushing or splashing onto soaps and bath bombs. When we use a brush to paint or splash colours it can really add a bit of drama with a slight pop of colour to a plain bath bomb or soap it really energises the finished product. Just mix the mica with some Isopropyl Alcohol to create a liquid to brush/splash onto the soap or bath bomb and leave to dry. Try Our Make Your Own Bath Bomb Kit


When we use Micas for makeup generally, we follow a less is more approach, similar to bath bombs, when creating a balm or eyeshadow we suggest gradually building the colour starting with a small amount and test along the way, slowly stirring or adding mica until you reach the desired amount. 

For more mica makeup ideas and inspiration check out : Make It Up :The Essential Guide to DIY Makeup & Skin Care - By Marie Rayma from Humblebee & me for fantastic DIY makeup recipes.

Now you know a bit more about Micas we hope this gives our readers the confidence to give mica a go in your next craft day. Using Micas can be very rewarding and can really help bring your DIY treats to life.

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